Who we are.

Kulvix is a prestigious and fast-growing Nigerian Company that deals with Business Branding, Software Development and Graphics Design.

Our main focus is, helping startups and already existing businesses achieve their goals and take the big step to the next level, using the power of technology.

Our core values are Creativity, Excellence and Valuablity, that is, being valuable to you.


Why we exist. — our vision

Our core purpose is leverage on the power of technology to make life better for everyone. We believe that by integrating technology into African businesses, we can help them become better, thereby making the economy better with more jobs because bigger businesses means more jobs - at least people can eat. Our vision is holistic as it affects every African man. Let's do this together!.

We believe that everyone deserves to live and not just exist. We believe that everyone can have a better life.
Our purpose is to give everybody a better life. To improve every life and put a smile on everybody’s face.

We want to play our part in moving Africa from a 3rd world to a 1st world country—making poverty a thing of the past.


What we do.

We achieve all these by employing technological features and services that are best suited for these. Examples —

  • Websites Design and Development
  • Mobile Applications Design & Development
  • Graphics Design (Examples - logo designs, poster designs, Letter head designs, office files designs, business cards and more)
  • Video Editing/Motion Graphics
  • UI/UX Design


How we do it.

Our job here is simple!

We grow brands by using technology to make the business workflow easy and seamless. By making it easy for you to get access to all the technological tools you need to grow and become better.

We help brands position brands in the online space in order to help them generate leads, make sales and expand their reach.

Since when?

Our History.

The vision of Kulvix was officially born in 2019. Before then, in our formative year, we existed as Pinki Graphics with a simple aim of helping small businesses in Nigeria get access to good design at an affordable rate. This we did to the best of our capacity until the vision was expanded.

Today, we go beyond helping businesses with good graphics to making life better by integrating entrepreneurship with technology. Not just have we grown in our aim, we have also expanded the scope of our vision from Nigeria to Africa - though with Nigeria as our base. We believe through this vision, Africa will see a new light and we will become a first-world continent.

Our history stretches to our future. We see a greater future for Africa. Not because we have all the amenities to make it work but we believe that despite the gold and oil that we have, Africa's greatest resources are her people. That is why we focus on making peoples life better, not just on "doing things".

What clients are saying...

Ozioma P.

"Kulvix is my best Design Plug!. And I'm so proud of it. They help me boost my brand. They deliver right on time and a design that will just leave me so speechless. I trust this Brand so much! They give nothing but the ultimate Best!"

Kenylink M.

"I love his graphics design a lot. It gave my business a face lift. His works appear foreign thereby giving your brand that unique and exclusive look. Good graphics says a lot about a brand, company or business and Kulvix gives you just that quality design that will make your brand, company or business stand out. So I think he deserves the 5 star rating."

Lydia N.

"Wow... What I always wanted was a good website and graphics designer that can handle all my works. Like wow... Kulvix has all their services laced with excellence and beauty. It's the touch of excellence always for me. For me the creativity of the designs are out of this world and Top-notch. Simply put, I love your services. Kulvix to the world"

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